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Pool Openings & Closings


When the time comes most of us don't want to clean and prep our pools for the up coming season. So we at P.M. Pools & Spas are here to offer complete packages that will accommodate all of your needs.

Pool Opening:


  • Remove the cover and store it for the season
  • Re-connect the filter system and prepare the plumbing for the new season
  • Install the hand rails, ladders, directional eyeball fittings, baskets
  • Add algaecide and chlorine to sanitize the pool
  • Balance the water chemistry to NESPA (Northeast Spa & Pool Association) standards (additional charges may apply)


Pool Closing:


  • Lower the pool water level below the skimmer and tile (Amount of water removed depends upon the type and location of every pool.)
  • Clean and prep filter equipment for the impending winter season
  • Remove all ladders, hand rails, directional eyeball fittings and baskets
  • Blow all lines free of water and winterize the plumbing for the winter
  • Add Closing chemical kit to treat the remaining water
  • Balance the water chemistry at the customer's request (additional costs may apply)
  • Cover the pool with the existing pool cover


We re-use many parts in the opening & closing of these pools year after year. But if any parts are lost or damaged they will be replaced and charged to the customer in addition to the cost of the service.



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Cleaning Contracts


We offer a flexible approach to pool cleaning. If you are planning a big party on a particular date then we can schedule to clean the pool just prior to that date. Or you may want us to come by and clean your pool monthly. Another option is for us to clean your pool every week all season long. In this case we come on a set day and do everything for you. Our cleaning procedures consist of the following:


  • Empty all baskets (skimmer and pump strainer baskets)
  • Clean the tiled waterline to remove tanning oils and other residues
  • Check the filter equipment for any problems or leaks
  • Backwash the filter if needed
  • Empty the automatic cleaner bag if the pool is equipped with this type of cleaner
  • Brush the walls of the pool
  • Vacuum the pool floor
  • Test the water chemistry and adjust if needed
  • Shock the pool with chlorine
  • Make sure the fence to the pool is secured for safety



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Filter Equipment Service and Repair:


We are a complete service department here at P.M. Pools & Spas. We make every attempt to offer the very best service you could expect. Not only are we capable of fixing any small problem that may arise, but are trained to repair or replace the large ones too. Each of our service technicians are trained through APSP to a minimum of Certified Service Technician. We will diagnose your current problem and notice many future issues that may arise. We offer into larger ones. Also we work evenings and weekends when the work needs to get done. That's why we are called P.M. Pools & Spas.



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New Pool Construction:


Here at P.M. Pools & Spas we are dedicate to offering you a construction process that is smooth and timely. We also want to build you a pool that circulates properly. This way when we finish with construction your pool is simple to maintain. There are numerous shapes and designs to pick from or you can design a freeform pool of your dreams. Either way, we will place and size all of your equipment properly for your pool. There are no generic packages with us; we build your pool to your specifications and with your interests in mind. Many contractors offer products and services with total cost in mind, not durability and value. We are concerned with the total cost, but won't sacrifice quality just to make a sale. So when you are looking for a P.M. Pool your will definitely be pleased with the process, the appearance and the products used to make your pool a dream come true!

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